Sunday, October 11, 2009

'Playing' Man Sensitive Area

NOT the only woman who has a lot of sensitive organs, which when touched will cause a great chemistry. Men also have a wonderful stimulating point. Well, it's time he touched the sensitive point that is usually neglected!

It is said that he also has a sensitive area of the touch can arouse lust. The difference is only in the power of holding passion. Generally, when Mr. P he has begun "upset", by itself the desire for penetration appears.

To make the event even more turbulent penetration, there's nothing wrong 'play' in sensitive areas like the man who quoted from Cosmopolitan follows:

All the men had power when kissed with a burning desire by women. If your typical gentle woman in a flirtatious, it's time to change yourself to more violent in the bed!

Kiss your partner's lips with a tender, then mashed and more intimate suction lips again. You can occasionally bite selingi with exasperation.

If you want to toss the couple's desire, you can temporarily stop the kiss, then looked at her sharply. Put your finger index finger on his lips. Guaranteed, he will become hot and can not wait to continue to the next session.

Mr. Head. P
This vital part plays an important role for the Adam. Throughout the foreplay, you can try to gently stroke the head of Mr P. It is said, a touch on the head of Mr P can make a man shaking violently.

Also, sensual sensation of your treatment can make a man feel comfortable.

Generally men feel confident when her partner held his testicles. As you explore, the couple will soon be guaranteed launched its P Mr. Miss V on you!

Well, you will begin to explore the area which one?

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